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His positive, custom-created speeches ignite excitement and inspire a winning attitude in every member of the audience.

Dr Jack Llewellyn - Keynote Speaker - Center for Winning Performance

Your group will take away specific strategies and tactics for success in the workplace and in everyday life.

Keynote speaker topics relate to the techniques he developed over 35 years of coaching elite performers in sports, business and their personal lives – including:
– Playing to Win or Playing Not to Lose
– Learning to Recover from Adversity – Speed to Recovery a Critical Skill
– Using Your Assets to Overcome Your Liabilities
– Building the Team Committed to Your Success
– Visualizing: Seeing it Correctly – Do It
– Getting the Mud Out of the Water
– Doing Better than the Best You Can
– And more….

Intertwining humorous personal stories and experiences from years of working with famous athletes, Dr. Jack engages the audience’s heart and minds as your keynote speaker. The quintessential storyteller, Dr. Jack’s speeches are memorable and the subjects applicable on the field, in the office, at home – anywhere. His goal is to help all of his clients and audiences to realize their full potential.

Whether it be the importance of teamwork, overcoming adversity, receiving excellent coaching, or the merits of practice, savvy business managers have long illustrated their points through analogies to sports. Jack Llewellyn has an uncanny way of showing how winning in sports translates to the broader arena of winning in business.

Lonnie Cooper,
Chairman and CEO, Career Sports Entertainment, Inc.

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