Mental Development Coach – Corporate Executives

Using the same mental development coaching techniques applied to some of the world’s finest athletes has helped to inspire dramatic new results for executives.

As a leading mental mental development coach, Dr. Jack challenges business leaders to expect winning results. Success starts with a winning attitude. To establish that mindset, Dr. Jack guides his clients through the Llewellyn system detailed in his books Winning Sure Beats Losing and Get the Mud Out of the Water.

His clients cover a broad spectrum of industries and have included Fortune 500 companies (IBM, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Georgia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson); financial services institutions (Prudential, Bank of America, Chase Bank, GE Capital Servies, American Express); pharmaceutical companies (Novartis, SmithKline Beecham, TEVA Nueroscience); energy companies (Southern Company, Duke Energy); as well as organizations such as the FBI, ATF, Harrah’s Resorts and many national associations.

We recently had the opportunity to have Dr. Llewellyn address our top sales performers. I received tremendous feedback on his talk. Llewellyn has a unique way of drawing parallels between the successes and failures in sports and business. He is passionate, humorous, interesting and a great storyteller. Most importantly, the concepts Llewellyn focuses on can be immediately incorporated into day-to-day business.

Greg Poplarski,
Senior Vice President,
Prudential Retirement, National Sales

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